These days artists want to make the charts, make their videos and their TV appearances, make their millions and make it with whoever they want. People seem to have forgotten about the main ingredient. Whatever happened to making good music?

Matti Roots has been making music for a lifetime, though unless you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground you probably haven’t heard of him… yet. He’s a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s worked with some of the UK’s biggest names including Wiley, Ms. Dynamite, So Solid, Master Shortie, Vula, Mis-teeq, Terri Walker and has remixed tracks for Natasha Bedingfield, Justin Timberlake and Slum Village.

Like Ne-Yo or Robin Thicke, he’s a songwriter first and foremost, who has now decided to come out from the shadows to hit you with the full 31 flavours. If you like your music raw and dirty, or sweet and soulful, if you like Stevie Wonder, Prince, D’Angelo or Omar, you’ll be banging this Matti Roots album for the next 10 years. It’s got ‘Certified Classic’ written all over it. His latest single Let’s Get Back Together was playlisted on Choice FM and supported by DJs like Ronnie Herel, Manny Norte, DJ Swerve, Davy J, Calvin Francis, Steve Sutherland, Dynamite MC, Diggz and the Unabombers. Blues & Soul and Touch gave the single 4 stars. But Matti Roots still wasn’t happy, so he went back into the studio and re-recorded all the tracks with live instrumentation like Pharrell and Chad did for N*E*R*D’s ‘In Search Of…’.

This is real music for real music fans. The album is the complete package – songs you can sing-along to, songs to get you in the mood, songs for when you’re down, songs for the car and songs for the club. Susaye Green from the Supremes (who wrote ‘Free’ for Deniece Williams and co-wrote ‘I Can’t Help It’ for Michael Jackson) has fallen in love with the album: “This is smart, cheeky, sexy, danceable, romantic, in the groove, on the pulse, the shiznit! I love it.”

We’re sure you’ll love it too…